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The Fishbowl Pub is one of the most unique things you can find at a sports facility. Litterally, on Midwest's property, any person who comes to the facility is welcome to visit the Fishbowl Pub. The Fishbowl is an all ages establishment that has a full service bar in the confines of the building. The Fishbowl also has some really good food.


The Fishbowl consists of a Main level that connects to the Southern Comfort Comfort Zone. Additionally individuals are invited to take at dive into the Deep End of the Fishbowl. The Deep End is the newest addition to the Fishbowl and represents the deep end of the sea. Decorated with fun characters like Nemo, Sponge Bob Square Pants, other ominous sea creatures, and 8 flat screne TVs, the Deep End is a great location for people of all ages.


Teams are invited to come and grab a group of tables inside the fishbowl or on the back deck directly next to the beach volleyball complex. The Fishbowl Pub is a great place to come and share your stories and truly connect as a social unit.

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